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THOMAS E. RICKS from FP gives a brief analysis of what a modern day civil war in the US would look like. In touching on several aspects of that I believe would hold true but several that are underplayed, you read, you decide, you comment.

It would likely be a patchwork of affiliated insurgency groups and their counterparts engaging in light skirmishes along the overlapping edges of their networks, mixed with occasional high-value terror attacks against soft and hard targets. Such groups are much smaller than conventional militaries and where they lack in firepower, they wield

That much I can agree with, the average person will not engage in fighting, they will avoid getting involved.

He is also touching on another issue that is important but is not being credited, the lacking of a larger goal and leadership. In doing so he is discounting the involvement of larger organizations leaving his interpretation of the big picture to conclude that only small faction actors would be in play. Where this is possible it is lacking the overall concept where a group of states acting together is working towards one single goal.

Just as we risk missing the signs of networked violence, thinking in terms of a classic civil war can blind us to the many actors working to disrupt the U.S. from within and beyond our borders.

Again, solid point, the biggest risk to any domestic factions will be the outside influences that will seek to push buttons and hidden agendas. Guarding against this would be difficult.

With these characteristics in mind we can envision what a modern U.S. civil war might look like. More sporadic and unexpected conflicts but with fewer deaths

I disagree with fewer deaths, maybe on the field but he is ignoring the larger issues of disruptive effects in civil society where logistical pieces come into play. A lukewarm response to COVID like a hurricane warning being issued cleared domestic shelves nationwide. The results of any disturbance would bring millions of deaths simply from the attrition of logistics.

To counter this emerging threat in America it’s critical to establish more formal practices for identifying and tracking domestic extremism — with an honest recognition that young, white males on both ends of the political spectrum are the most likely to commit violence. Likewise, we must formalize robust network analysis to map and track these distributed groups across their digital territories and to identify their backers, funders, and agitators. Finally, there needs to be a very serious conversation about how to regulate Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as platforms for influence, instigation, propaganda, and recruiting.

You can start to see the writing on the wall in his closing paragraphs and better understanding the massive upswing of censorship and control, it isn’t just about suppressing elections.

Furthermore, you can also understand the importance of isolation being exploited with initiatives like COVID. Where all science has been set aside in palace narratives. To oversimplify this, keeping individuals isolated is paramount to killing off disruptions before they can form.

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  1. That FP article describes 4GW, 4th Generation Warfare or Non-Trinitarian Warfare. There is an excellent book titled Victoria which is a novel about the Second American Civil War.

    I am impressed so far with your effort. I like your plan. Before I commit, I need to consult with someone who has been trying to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish since 2000. He has worked as hard, maybe harder than you but I think you are on the right track.

    He is also a WordPress Blogger. His site is and his name is Larry Kummer. I urge you to check it out. Read his post The Long List of Lies From Our Leaders.

    I’m saving your site.

    1. Fixed your, edit and thank you for your feedback, I NEED IT!!!! I’m working my butt off on this thingy!

      Glazing over Larry’s site, I’ll take a deeper dive into it when I am resting my creativity later tonight. The first day actually driving in public, it’s been busy busy!!!!

      1. Good afternoon! Thank you for posting and replying! does as well.

        I am trying to register on your site but I guess since I already have a WordPress account, I don’t have to.

        I have left a message on requesting his thoughts of your plan. Personally, I like your plan. I believe Larry will too. I’m hoping you link to each other’s sites. What a Force Multiplier that would be!

        Keep Cool and Carry On!

        Very best regards!


        1. All the Patriots are busy today. The key is to stay busy and maintain momentum. NEVER QUIT! NEVER GIVE UP! Adapt, Improvise and overcome.

          I heartily commend your plan.

        2. Yes, Word Press allows for auto logon when a user has a WP account already if the Admin configures it for such.

          I would love to hear his thoughts and working together for the same cause is the only thing that will right our ship!

  2. One last thing. I have stenciled on the tailgate of my truck. Since you can count me in, I’m stenciling wethepeoplefightback com too! Is spelling correct?😁

  3. It’s been a while. Please forgive me but I’m exhausted. I’ve been working on my 4GW Project and I’ve been studying your site more deeply. I’m extremely impressed with what you wrote about us getting off our butts and grasping the tools provided by our Founders. That’s the fundamental of the site!

    Earlier I mentioned the book Victoria by Hobbes. Hobbes is the pen name of William S. Lind who has consulted with the USMC and wrote another book coauthered with a USMC Colonel titled 4GW Handbook. Both are very good and should be required reading for all members of this team.

    You can go to the website “” to read the first half free of charge. The first half is a very good explanation of how it’s envisioned. Foreign Policy doesn’t come close to what Lind envisions!

    We are already engaged in a 4G Civil War. Although 4GW is done with other than Military means, Small Unit Commando Operations are an integral part of it. The most powerful weapon is our minds.

    We are also engaged in a 4G World War. COVID-19 may have been a Biological Attack on the World by the PRC. It may have been accidental but it’s difficult to prove. The PRC and it’s Emperor the seeming kindly Chairman Xi have Plausible Deniability.

    By the same token, America ain’t Angelic either. We’ve pulled some nasty sheist as well.

    Lastly, has gone dark for some time. His son, a former USMC War Correspondent, Afghanistan Combat Vet and excellent writer is trying to revive it and get it back on track. He seems to have succeeded. When I checked today I was happy to see it working again. Click on the 3 lines at top right of home page and you’ll see lots of bios and archives. There’s 20 years of hard work there.

    I end with this quote from COL John Boyd, USAF, America’s greatest strategist, father of the A-10, F-15, F-16 and F-18, the OODA Loop and 4GW. He said, “People, Ideas and Technology in that order!

    Kind regards,


  4. It’s been a long day. It’s almost 1AM. It’s time for some sleep. It’s a luxury during war.

    Cheers. Stay happy. Happy Warriors win recruits!

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