Secession, The Dead Horse Of Distraction

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One of the many topics you will find flying in rightful disgust is the topic of a state or several states seceding from the union. You will see this subject start moving like a late summer forest fire in California. But like those fires the subject is not always (rarely) a naturally occurring event and to a Patriot’s goal of successful and meaningful change, can be just as destructive.

The word “secede!” its self is a fun word, dropping it like a bomb on a subject is very similar to telling someone you are fed up with to “F-off” after exhausting all mental faculties of restraint. Few however beyond passion realize the declaratory value of what the word actually means. To declare secession is to declare war whether you mean it that way or not. This is why it is another extraneous solution that becomes very dangerous to the change movement.

By dangerous I don’t mean the resulting aftermath of carnage that would presumably follow, I say openly that is inevitable. I simply mean it’s a moot call to an action that will never happen because those that understand law and politics know the true meaning. Because the value of its passion is undeniable to those who are fed up and seeking a movement it becomes a subject of distraction to be used against you.

Enter the political bouncing ball

Texas, god bless them, has a long history of calling for secession with over 100 various attempts at pushing the idea forward and all have failed. Some with a whimper and some in quiet in quite glorious fashion. That is because the simple act of taking your ball and going home always leads to someone bouncing the ball in front of you like a teenager teasing a child. I will not deny that many have meant it as an honest calling but the politicians use it It’s a distraction to keep you focused on the bouncing ball with no intention whatsoever of allowing you to touch it.

I will point the disbelievers to the following, Texas Vs White in 1868 which it was held that the United States is “an indestructible union” from which no state can secede. Yes, I am aware there are distractors to that belief, but I am not here to debate cherry-picking law, you take it on its face or not at all. So you can join our little club but buyer beware, you are not allowed to leave it! To add to that I will quote the great constitutional conservative champion of our generation Anthony Scalia who said.

the answer is clear. If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.

In proper context, it means any state that tries will be run over by a military, disarmed, stripped of their valuables, and put on the street. That will happen purely on the economic aspects of what the dissolution of the union means and is a post for another day.

This is why I say in the legal and political world the subject is moot except for the usefulness of teasing the common patriot’s intent of finding a dead stop solution.

My goal in this is not to discourage anyone’s passion but to focus it on the proper view of workable answers. Don’t get distracted by the ball being teased by players who wish to lead you into a bog. If they mean what they say they would simply state their intentions and openly state their declaration of war. If they will not then understand they are either taunting you or have no idea of what they speak.

Lastly, I will include a simple question to ponder on with tough love. Do you wish to quit the country you love or save it from the corrupt institutions? A state or group of states taking their ball and going home is really the definition of quitting. I guess if all else fails maybe, but I am going to fight for the country I love until it kills me. So don’t allow a dead horse to distract you from your goals, besides live horses work much better.

Without a massive show of force, our corrupt federal institutions have nothing to fear from the common man. Set the fear aside and embrace only the causes which will lead us to success. Don’t get distracted by false promises and prophets. Onward to unity and arms with a clear and honest understanding of the perils ahead.

And remember, whatever it f-ing takes!

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