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For many the idea of “To Arms” is burning in the backs of our minds like a kiln to forge steel. The fire is hot, the bellows are blowing and the coals are being shoved on at an enormous speed with righteous indignation and fairly so!

There are many other conservatives for which 2020 has been a wake-up call by the millions. Newcomers that have never understood the levels of corruption suddenly punched squarely in the face. Dismayed, bewildered but now wide awake and struggling with the stages of grief that many have known for decades. It is that group I wish to address with a few thoughts and a question or two to ponder.

We have played our part in this long dance of political theater and done do with a level of tact, patience, respect of processes we rarely, if ever, see from our enemies.

We hold massive events to gather and express our support for ideas without arrests, confrontation or burning cities.

We have patiently waited over and over for the slow wheels of justice bogged in the mud to catch up with massive corruption only to see the statutes of limitations expire over and over again.

We have voted, campaigned, participated in our electoral processes to be only spit upon in return.

We have watched hundreds of Congressional and House hearings of partisan theatrics and been deceived every time.

We have watched our justice system infiltrated by activists who wish to pervert plainly written laws to suit their agenda whenever so need be.

We have watched countless Patriots held as political prisoners by a corrupt DOJ and prosecutors.

We have watched our education system be turned into a central hub of indoctrination.

We have watched our bankers use our monetary system into a for-profit system of duplicity. Devaluing the value of our purse while overstuffing their own to offset the losses.

We have stood by and allowed the EPA, CDC, FBI, ATF, and countless other administrative agencies abandon all science, law, and common sense to instill fear for the purpose of manipulation and control.

We have watched our mainstream media turn from the fourth pillar of accountability to a system of viewer education with the goal of manipulation vs informing them of the facts.

As a result of the MSM’s lack of candor, we saw the rise of independent media take their place only to be crushed, demoralized, and largely silenced by the forces of big data.

We get attacked and often turn the other cheek because we for the most part believe in live and let live in polite society.

These things beg the question, for how long must we or should we maintain any level of decorum? I contend the conservative tactics of response must change and change now. If you disagree that is ok but I also must ask, If not now, when? How much more are you willing to surrender? And by what means of alternative solution can you direct us to which has not already been flogged to death?

“A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box.”

Fredrick Douglas

To understand the struggle at hand correctly is to understand that within our corrupt government institutions there are trillions and trillions of dollars at stake for the hundreds of thousands involved. It doesn’t matter if it is a biweekly paycheck or millions swindled to friends and family though pork legislation, or even flat our corruption and exploit. Don’t expect them to surrender a penny of it based upon simply raising an objection.

Besides, to attempt bargaining with the devil is an open invitation to evil and most of us are done with it.

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