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Within our ranks of Patriots, we are greatly divided by many smaller factions of various hopes, beliefs, and creeds of conservativism. Overall however the majority share the larger desire to pull our country back into the designed intent of freedom, rights, and liberties under a government for the people, by the people, at the will of the people. Our goal is to pull all of those disenfranchised and furiously angry lovers of liberty away from the designed distractions of the political machine, into one place and with one common goal. It’s quite literally, To Arms!

We are seeking to build from the tools our founders gave us, a coalition of like-minded states to be brought together under the banner of liberty, in order to dismantle and reform the corrupted institutions of our federal system of government. We are not seeking secession or a division of states, we are not seeking a civil war, we are seeking an absolute revolution to reclaim our country’s intent.

Many of you will notice that all states within our map are classified by different meanings, priorities, statuses, and other various ratings. This is required for overall planning but does not mean that anyone state is lesser than another or not of importance to the overall success of our mission. YOU the individual, the Patriot is what is required to make this successful and it does not matter if you are in a red state or blue state. WE NEED YOU to fight, work, spread, plan, gather, advise, input, and participate. We need volunteers within to help write, edit, moderate, plan, communicate and organize! We need leaders in every state, we need contributors in our forums to teach everything from the most basic skills of self-sufficiency, opsec, tactical gear, general strategy tactics, and kits, HAM radio communications. There is no skill that is too small or too complex that need not be shared, else this plan will undoubtedly fail. We however owe it to our country, children, grandchildren, and ourselves to take back what has always been rightfully ours.

This means that each and every one of us will need to roll up our sleeves, grab our boots and get ready to fight the forces which will stand in our way. You can not rely on anyone else or rest on the laurels of expecting others to do something that only we can to together. Our motto is not “to war” but it is clearly To Arms!

It took over 240 years of long winding perversion, greed, political dirty tricks, and unconstitutional rationalization to get where we are. It will not be unwound slowly as the forces that drive the beast move1000 paces ahead of any action that a mere citizen can combat alone. It is also guarded fiercely by its supporters and recipients of ill-gotten gains. We will strategize and plan while keeping close guard will be the only method that will work. This will take time, unwavering dedication, and relentless participation by each and every Patriot, day in and day out. Knowing this we seek you to join us on forming and creating this mission.

The beginning of our mission will be as follows…

The formation of State Armies, (roughly 22 states now have them) held in control of each State as guaranteed to each state by laws of the United States. This buys each and every Patriot as a citizen of their respective state the opportunity to join and train with access to all of the same equipment and munitions used by the US Armed Forces.

The formation a new party, The Constitutional Party of the United States. The party’s mission will NOT be to fall into the gaming of the political system to bother sending candidates to DC. The party’s rallying cries will be; Whatever It Takes! To Arms! and To War! If our enemies so choose it!

We need to wage an all-out campaign on social media, conservative websites, at work, with friends, with family every day, wherever we, everyone we speak to come to join us and help our cause. We number in the tens of millions and there is no less than 78 million very pissed off and now WIDE AWAKE voters out there. Alone we are inept, together we are unstoppable!

Our focuses will be on the states themselves, we will achieve our goals through the non-stop messaging of rightful indignation and fury over tyranny and government corruption. We will not “ask” but demand by our Articles of Confederation that our States and their Governors join us or be replaced by those of us from the cause at great speed.

Our campaigns within our states will include the following demands which need to be taken up by EVERY Patriot, every day of every week, and every year until we have the small fraction strategically required to meet our goals.

A general call to all states to reorganize their finances and cut the ties of federal dollars being used as control and manipulation over their sovereignty. We will demand and insist that each state create and maintain monetary policies that are back by the gold standard as exampled by Utah and others. Regardless of our cause, there will be a reckoning coming to our financial wellbeing as a country and smart planning should be placed in gold and silver. When the Fed’s false system of funny money collapses, so will we.

We will by means of embargo issue a call to stand down or be run over. Understand where this may SEEM to be impossible a very tiny fraction of US States hold an enormous amount of power and resources within their state boundaries. If a false call to shut own our country over a disease like COVID-19 with a less than 1.5% risk rate can empty shelves and create havoc that it did. Imagine what 4-6 states with control over the energy sector, logistic routes, and many other strategic resources of value would mean to a government that only keeps the power and control it has by normalizing chaos and fear.

Where this may seem like a daunting task I ask everyone to consider we are looking at 240 years of perversions against a force that only seeks to protect its self. It will not be easy but nothing in life worth doing ever is. To those that say not now, not yet, I then ask when?

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  1. On your site I suggest you replace the word Patriot with the word Citizen.

    We have enough Patriots. The vast majority of Citizens shirk their duties and don’t do the work required of them to keep the life blood flowing in our nation. The Constitution is not in their hearts. The nation has grown cold. That’s what happens with poor circulation. Now our Republic is dying.

    Can you smell the embers? Witness the dying Institutions? What happened to the BOY Scouts?

    Good night. It’s been a long tiring day.

    1. I’ve debated the two words and I understand your thoughts. Trust that as things get moving along here I have a plan playing between those two distinctions with purposeful intent.

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