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This States Priority is considered HIGH- We use the classification for several reasons related to both geographical locations strategic values of the resources within the state itself. We would invite you to use the comment section below to study, share and understand what the specifics of this are from the perspective of national infrastructure. What would closing off the borders of the state look like from the point of logistics, power, gas, and other resources? What states border this state and how would their relationships affect our cause? In many cases, one single state could completely cripple a dozen others bringing them to their knees without chambering a single round. That is the power of state sovereignty. Make no mistake about it, we are gathering intelligence for a plan!

State Defence Force – This State status is what we classify as “Inactive”, simply meaning that to the best of our research the State has all of the Statutes in order to allow for a State Defense Force to be in place but for one reason or another as been retired or deactivated. What we often see in this case is that the state statutes only allow for an SDF to be active during certain times or events. Whatever the case be a change is needed and a movement of residents to make that change is required.

Political Strategies – Constitutional core values must be installed at the command and control levels in the state. This means strategies to install top leaders such as Governors, State Attorneys, Lt Governor, House, and Senate levels must be a top priority for the next election cycle. This is why mass campaigns must be launched specifically at the state level. You can not depend on a party candidate being handed to you, we must find and promote party candidates who are principled in the areas of Constitutional law.

  • Check the comment section below to see the current status information on your state.
  • Contact the Governor of your state (forms)
  • State Military Department find out what is needed to activate your State Defense Force.
  • Contact your State House Representative (forms)
  • Contact your State House Senator (forms)
  • Contact the States House and Senate Leaders in your state (forms)
  • Send page links to as many like-minded fellow citizens in your state, become a leader!
  • Spread the word as far as possible with Social Media tools and posts in other blogs
  • Please post the replies you receive in our blog to help others in furthering these efforts.
  • Above all, set an example to follow and show your efforts.

You have a republic… if YOU can keep it!

Ben Franklin

Get Others Involved

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  1. Notes for your state,

    Like a dozen or so states a few small changes are required to keep a full-time SDF active, please note the mark up below as a starting point. Remember we are here to help you with crafting and creating letters and communications to make this happen so please do ask.

    37.170 Kentucky State Defense Force — Organization — Reorganization.
    (1) The Governor is hereby authorized to SHALL enlist, organize, maintain, equip, discipline
    and pay when called into active field service a volunteer state defense force other
    than the National Guard, which shall constitute the active militia and shall be
    known as the Kentucky State Defense Force, which shall consist of able-bodied
    citizens who are residents of the State of Kentucky between the ages of eighteen
    (18) and sixty-four (64) who are not active members of a reserve component of the
    Armed Forces of the United States.
    (2) Whenever the President of the United States shall call any part of the National
    Guard of this state into active federal service, the Governor is hereby authorized to
    organize the Kentucky State Defense Force under such regulations as may be
    promulgated by the Governor or adjutant general.

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