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CFP Headline From Jan 6th

So let’s talk about how not to do this while we have a day of good examples to go with. If Patriots ONLY take the house chambers today and only today I will be surprised, this has been a long-expected reaction for MANY of us. Simply meaning that one day, sometime soon, the cup is going to overflow and the tide will break out of the growing frustration and anger.

I have long said that one of our biggest issues is that we are not feared by any faction of the government or by any of our opposition. This has led to the current situation where we are today in not having a voice in the room in many subjects. So where I commend the attempt at finally moving past protest rallies that look more like fourth of July back yard BBQ parties to something of an actual protest, let’s also not lose our minds in the process. So in the same breath, I say yes this probably needed to happen, but was it actually productive in making lasting change? No.

It was a turning point to be noted in the history books… Wait and see!

We need to be a force, but we need to be a force with a goal in mind and in leadership in play that can be brought as a force to contend with. A good example of this are the military maneuvers we see happen all of the time with joint coalition forces in the South China Sea or off of the coast of North Korea. These joint maneuvers send a message to our enemies that simply say, we we could stop a hole in you if we want to. That is the messaging we want and desperately need to get into using our states working together as a unit to stand up to DC.

I will also warn, if we don’t get there soon, chaos will end up taking the day because you can not ignore the storm that is coming. So to that, I say, To Arms! but with meaningful organization, leadership, and purpose else we WILL fail!

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  1. NO! YOU DO NOT CRASH CONGRESS! Raise Hell out front. Raise Hell on the rotunda but busting down the doors of the Senate and House is a Federal Offense with serious consequences.

    An Air Force Veteran needlessly died today.

    It hit me today. It was like a diamond was shot between my eyes. Even I’m guilty. We bitch and moan about the decisions of our political leaders. I realized it’s a large group with varied worldviews and opinions. The “Diamond” is the realization, “If I’m so brilliant I should run for office and show them how it’s done.”

    We’re all human with various failings, character flaws and imperfection. We all weigh our own best interests against the greater good. Something has happened to us.

    American Citizens should not have stormed Congressional Chambers today, especially Patriots. Those are the actions of terrorists like the Weathermen of the 60’s.

    By the way, this is not even close to the 60’s.

    Damn. You’re keeping me up!

  2. Agree with your assessment. It was very poor judgement and a trap for American citizens to have illegally entered the Capital building.

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