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With the current onslaught of conservative purging I have been taken back by the number of individuals who did not see this coming. Here are some suggestions for those who are just coming to the realization that things you thought were safe, are not.

Social Media App deletion is not the end of the world if you have an Android device, places like Parlor have suddenly faced criticism and forced the deletion of their App from both Google and Apple Stores. Most Android users know that any entity can put out its own APK files to bypass Google censorship. If you have an Android or want to understand this better here is a GUIDE on how it works. Apple users, you are basically at the mercy of Apple, reason number 2,346,321 to dump their devices. Honestly, I am old enough to remember that Mac stood for Democrat, Apple rebranding was for a reason!

Basic OPSEC 101 would also be backing up all of your contacts somewhere off of your current devices both on and off the internet. (always replicate important info in two places)

Looking to the NEAR future I would advise everyone out there to go ahead and pick up a Ham Radio, the world’s original and still the best tool against communication censorship. Ham is a learning curve so the first thing you need is a copy of Ham For Dummies’ and we have a free copy you can download and save! Also here is a good intro guide to Ham in general.

I personally needed a new hobby like I needed a hole in my head so I went completely utilitarian and basic, I got what I needed and nothing else. To do that my personal recommendations are as follows.

Base Stations are work and money (radio+cables+antenna+power supply+tower) that would take pages of posts to explain but they are worth learning about for home or auto installation. These go the distance when you need to.

Mobile handhelds are just too cheap to pass up and their performance far exceeds the little private two-way communication radios. I HIGHLY recommend the BaoFeng UV5R (mind the generic fakes out there). Make sure you upgrade antennas (ABBREE, don’t get a cheap fake) to maximize your distance.

Accessories are available for these to improve your usage, spare high capacity batteries, charger cables, and programming cables are a good idea. I would advise against falling for the “kits” sold for these, they are not worth the money.

If you go the BaoFeng UV5R route and do get programming cables you can download CHIRP for free. Below is my copy of what I consider to be the best combination of channels saved in importable CSV format. BUT!!!! Keep in mind you will want to add your local channels for weather and repeaters (see my notes in column T with search links)

Here is a really detailed guide on programming below.

In all of this, don’t panic, don’t fret… Keep in mind that conservatism lived long before the invention of electricity and will live long after. We ask that you find your home state on our map and encourage others to post their information and ideas. We are about building community and having a second meeting place for those near us.

Please also post your specific communication suggestions below!

Get Others Involved

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