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We wanted to touch base with our readership on a few developments and internal on goings.

Things may be quiet for a few days as we have our noses to the grindstone on back end development in the wake of the big tech censorship movement. At the same time that is not all bad because it is pushing many of you to reach out to us directly with ideas and the will to participate to fight back.

First, note that comments are slow but we are noticing that our traffic keeps increasing daily. I believe that this is due to our word getting out but a generalized fear of publicly stating opinions. I believe that is both reasonable and understandable so don’t feel alone, we are all in this fight together!!

In taking on the social site, we are looking at merging both our front end content site with the side end social site into one large development. Our new direction will be a merger of the two where the subject matter of using the states as a means to take on the Federal Government is overlaid into a full-blown social networking site. With that in mind, we are upping the game of reader privacy and security and our end product will be limited public data being put on reader profiles. I am trying to get ahead of the upcoming tactics of user-generated blacklisting where site data like ours will be mined and used to attack readers elsewhere.

We have MANY individuals who are reaching out to us directly with interests in writing, legal, social messaging, etc. This is a blessing as those of us currently working behind the scenes are swamped and not gaining ground on what we need to. In light of this we are developing a back-end meeting solution that will allow direct networking and communication between collaborators inside of a protected network where we are controlling all internal data, identification, and messaging. My personal fear is that eventually, the collective mob will work on the outing and doxing individuals within our organization many of which are professionals with day jobs in legal, contracting, software development, ministry, etc. To protect them and us, this backbone will be encrypted and all housed internally on our servers. This will allow other contributors to help generate much-needed daily content safely for you, the reader.

Another development, email providers are joining in the cause of cutting off conservative’s communications, this is not a new tactic and dates to before the 2016 election. I became aware two days ago that certain email providers are now blacklisting our domain name and hard stopping messages to and from. I will clarify that we do not send spam or promotional emails and these are direct private communications being blocked. For this reason, we will be migrating over to an SMS textbase means of account verification. Telephone companies are held to a higher standard of service delivery.

This war, and I do mean war in the proper context of a full blow cyber militaristic assault that will only be won by directly defeating their means of attack. We foresaw much of this coming but even still I am personally surprised by the levels at which some of the Big Tech people are so openly and publicly getting away with so much. But also by the lack of preparation in some conservative based victims such as AR15.com being kicked off of GoDaddy.com.

What I am not surprised at though is the lack of response you see from our esteemed lawmakers by anything more than mere banter. Republicans are directly in our sights over this for not fixing the issues in 2016-2018 and allowing the 2013-2015 censorship to grow into what it has. They saw this as a means to hurt our president and his supporters and most certainly encouraged the assaults by doing nothing.

Folks, keep in mind that these things are being used as a means to frustrate and defeat you but in the end the apathy the enemy is seeking to inflict will bite them! Many of us are swelling with anger and frustration, use that to motivate you into FIGHTING BACK!

Sometimes, there is no other way of saying it!

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