Heads They Win, Tail We Loose

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From a Patriot’s point of view, the Republican Party, ever since about the time of Regan, but certainly by the time of Bush Sr, the party had migrated. Toeing the line of War, Big Government, and less we do not forget, The “New World Order” which was a new spin on the phrase “Military Industrial Complex” or today’s “Deep State”.

Where many of us recognized these changes the majority of the party’s base kept up its support with little thought of direction. When Trump came along many believed that the Republican party would fall back to its principled roots of conservativism. I was highly skeptical of that happening and when it started to become obvious to many that Trump’s agendas were not being supported much of the base began to target its favorite misnomer the great “RINO”.

I say misnomer because I wish to draw emphasis on something that few pay enough attention to. That is the difference between political rhetoric (propaganda) and the party’s actions or oftentimes, lack thereof action. Which is always to say one thing, but do (or mean) another while accomplishing something else entirely. The RINO is the other side of the same coin, no matter how you flip that coin its tails they win heads we lose.

For example, check out this video of House Rep Mo Brooks on Lou Dobbs talking about standing up to contest the elector process in congress. I encourage you to watch the whole video but pay particular attention to the 5:10 mark where Lou asks Brooks about where party leadership is hiding.

Note that Brooks, when asked where the leadership is at, rather than calling out Kevin McCarthy or Mitch McConnel immediately deflects back to his talking points of the prior 4-minute mark and simply repeats himself over again. Lou, IMHO is one of the last great TV news anchors and I am really surprised he did not call Brooks out.

If you are thinking … Wait, what? Ill rephrase that for you.

Conservatives right now are FURIOUS with the party for not supporting President Trump and standing up for fair elections. The party is losing supporters as fast Fox News. So what they need is a rallying cry (many cries) from somewhere in the party to paint the appearances of support to their base. Enter the Patriotic bait and switch call of “standing up” – With an action that is safe to produce a non-result while guaranteeing to sound good and appeal to the angry mob. What I mean by this is that the Party COULD stand up and fight but they would prefer Trump to go as fast as possible but to keep up appearances of a two-party system they need the base to believe otherwise. So they send out individuals who can push “controlled opposition” points that they know appeal to angry ears but have no chance what-so-ever of making a difference. In this case, Mo Brooks knows that Congress does not have the votes in place to stop the certification process. The Republicans can appeal to Trump’s base by contesting and the party leadership can give the nod while signaling to their allies that they have nothing to worry about.

One thing you will never see is any Republican party member go in front of a camera and very simply say what we’re all thinking… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is wrong with my peers? Or especially not standing up with an actual moral principle and declaring themselves and independent. Would you stand shoulder to shoulder with a group of individuals who no matter what the situation historically did nothing but betray its base? I surely could not.

Both the DNC and the RNC/GOP are also the same coin where no matter how you flip it you still get tails they win, heads we lose. It’s the Uniparty’s way of giving the appearance of choice and where the idea of voting for the “lesser evil” comes into play when in all reality, it’s just the same evil served to you in a different wrapper. If you open your eyes to this you will start seeing this patterning repeat, this is why I say RINO is a misnomer. You can wish that the party was different or you can accept them for what they are but nitpicking here or there is just making excuses for the truth. We have no party except for the Uniparty.

Conservatism has got to get into the habit of ignoring these Jedi mind tricks and forge their own pathway forward while guarding against the forces who will always seek to infiltrate and co-opt it back into the same folds. This is why We The People Fight Back does not support ever attempting to send representatives to DC, we do not support “talking” about non-solutions and we do not care in the least about trying to vote in, vote out, or bother participating in the Federal contests, it is not worth the time of day. The historic has already proven all of it to be one giant game.

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