Why You Will Never Out Vote The Trolls

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One of the many points that I frequently try to draw attention to is the impossibility of changing our Federal Government from within. So when I see an example of some of our favorite fat little bridge trolls it’s very hard to pass on as they almost never get the attention they deserve.

When most think of our Federal Government they think of their elected officials, some think of parties, some only of the President. What most never think of are the 2.1 million civil servants that work for and are beholden to receiving their paychecks from the federal buffet that is our tax dollars. Note that within that number I am excluding the US postal service, 1.4 million US military personnel, and all of the contractors and subcontractors who make up the total number of roughly 5.5 million-plus.

So when a leaked Zoom call video leaks between US civil servants hosted by Sarah Starrett who works as an attorney for the Dept. of Labor, we get a rare glimpse of the larger issue. That issue is the discussion on how to stop, stall or abscond President Trump’s agenda by whatever means available. While at the same time leaking as much information as possible to the media.

In case the video doesn’t load for you or if you want to see more about this please visit Rumble.

This is one of the millions of reasons we say that you will never change the corrupted institutions or get them to right their own ship from within. No matter who you vote for, how you vote, if your vote counts, (or not) the institutions will only seek to protect themselves and their paychecks from any force they see countering them. This is why when speaking of the required reset to return to a truly constitutional government every entity and agency must be purged as a whole.

Thanks for being such a fine example to our readers Sarah

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