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Sometimes tough love is required when it comes to speaking of conservatives and patriots alike and addressing some issues are both difficult and uncomfortable. None the less they must be thrown out into the sunlight and disinfected if change is ever expected to happen.

There are many amongst our ranks who have taken to the idea that somehow or someway someone else needs to save us from the current grips of a corrupt and broken system of government. These savior / save me type complexes come in many different means, ways, or forms but they all fall to the victim mentality of its someone else’s job to do what we will not.

“Someday, my prince will come…” 

Snow White

Many in the conservative community fell into this trap with President Trump, many sat back and said “ah-ha!… finally someone is going to fight for me, the little guy”. I contend that Trump spent much of his time doing exactly that but at the same time far too many, if not the majority of us expected too much of one single man battling against 2.5 million civil servants and the corruption of the all mighty government system which seeks to only serve its self. It is a very selfish and lazy approach and I contend the failures were not on his behalf but our own. Rather than rising to the occasion we sat back on our butts and watched him be quite literally be tortured and chewed apart by the very entities we complain about.

There is another variety of “save me syndrome” that has infected us as well and that is the conspiracy epicenter of fantastical white knight syndrome. When the QAnon craze hit the internet it seemed very familiar to me in the sense that I had seen this movie before. That was because we had with FBIAnon, HLIAnon (high-level intelligence), and less we not forget CIAAnon. If you ask any QAnon person about these other entities you will be told they were just created to discredit the real QAnon. That’s some epic, foresight, to create these other discrediting Anons, years in advance of the “real” QAnon, isn’t it?

My issue with the QAnon movement has been the messaging, which is “Trust The Plan”, and the plan being that some super-secret white knights, aka White Hats, in the federal government are coming to rescue Trump and the country from the Black Hat evildoers. In this, all YOU need to do is decipher The Code and follow The Plan, which is, Trust The Plan, which is, you need to actually do nothing because everything will be fixed for you! I could get into a long explanation about the dangers of psy-ops and cults but if you are devoid enough of critical thinking skills to get into that mess… I honestly doubt I will be the one getting you out of it.

In fairness to the QAnon group, they are not the only ones that have been targeted by intentional groups or websites that seek to hook them into white knight theories. Out of desperation and oftentimes exploitations of traffic clickbait the same could be said about Executive Order 13848 where millions of individuals were convinced that this magic document defied all law and due processes of our country. Dozens of lines from this document were cherry-picked out of context and read aloud in many internet videos or quoted by many websites to get readers to believe the following… A president can write a document that defies all known US law, and grant himself the sole power to domestically call up the US Military, at his whim, and arrest all of his enemies.

Nothing seems fishy about that idea does it?

There are few problems with that idea, the first being that a sitting US President could grant himself that type of power. (seems rather convenient) Or that you could dismiss, at whim, the right of due process, law, etc, and get the US military to follow you in doing so. If you are thinking “insurrection act”, you may want to invest some time into actually reading all of the prerequisites involved, not just the “fun parts”. Also note – Few pay enough attention but the US military brass is pretty much made up of the same corrupt power-hungry elitists that control our government. If anything, fear the US Military being called into any action on US soil, the lower ranks would eventually figure it out but the top brass is not our friends.

Next up, the party of “save me”, enter the Republican GOP who I contend are always at their best in the role of underdog. They would of course be happy to save you from the evildoers of the DNC and Democratic Party if you will just give them some more of your votes and or money. Then, and only then, can they possibly save you.. maybe… oh, wait another RINO block them… sorry never mind. Mind you I am old enough to remember 2016-2018 where the Republican Party stood directly in the way of everything President Trump was trying to accomplish. It seems many conservatives still believe that if they can just vote out that 2% of the party the whole rest of the party will suddenly become something totally different than what it has been for the past 30+ years. Never mind the other issues voting can not fix. Folks, if you are waiting on politicians to save you, you may need a little more than just tough love.

Lastly, I wish to address another issue we have within our ranks that needs to be put to bed and that is the “save me” selfish crowd. I have met and talked to hundreds of individuals out there that will tell you they a “prepared” and ready to go into the good fight. They are stocked up, have plenty of goods on hand, and as soon as the invading evil rounds the corner on their street. They’re ready to go to battle and open upon them! Apparently, that equates to love of country and the willingness to save liberty to many. That isn’t patriotism, that is self-protectionism or more honestly the protection of “my stuff”. Never will the war for your country, freedom, liberty, and rule of law be fought where the safe keeping of your own valuables be the centerpiece of it. Nor will that type of situation really ever transpire beyond an army on foot, who are seeking resupply comes to your door. Trust of they did, their firepower will outmatch anything you and your neighbors can keep in their closets.

Again, my intent with this is not to be rude, it’s much needed tough love for the conservative community that needs to be said out loud and taken to heart. This isn’t a fairy tale, you are not Snow White and when Ben Franklin said “We have a republic if YOU can keep it” he was not speaking of a Disney movie! Mean or angry comments said on the internet are not what is going to save our country, putting boots to the ground will be the only cure. You and your family should spend every day preparing yourselves so that you have the ability and peace of mind to put real efforts into saving our country. But for the sake of all things important in life, unless your name is Snow White, STOP waiting on someone else to save you.

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