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I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over this but wow did it not take the Feds long to go after Ham Radios.

Nine days ago in a posting about social media and the closure of social sites like Parlor, I warned readers it would be a good time to go pick up a Ham radio(s). Low and behold, here we are a week and some days later and what are the feds going after? Ham Radio users!

The US government is warning that groups could rely on radio equipment as an alternative to social media to plan future criminal activities.

In a stark warning Sunday, the Federal Communications Commission’s enforcement bureau said people coordinating or conducting criminal activity over radio waves are breaking the law.

“The Bureau has become aware of discussions on social media platforms suggesting that certain radio services regulated by the Commission may be an alternative to social media platforms for groups to communicate and coordinate future activities,” the FCC said in its warning Sunday. “Individuals using radios in the Amateur or Personal Radio Services in this manner may be subject to severe penalties, including significant fines, seizure of the offending equipment, and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.”

Have a good laugh at CCN with this one…but FFS already Read More

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