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One of the many subjects of state powers over the out of control federal government can be found in the energy structures of the US where natural gas and petroleum production and distribution are concerned. Wars are more often fought and won on the levels of embargo and attrition than they are in the areas of flinging bullets at your enemies. This is a realm that too few citizens understand when it comes to how a few states could rein in the federal government.

We-The-People, or better said as you and I, may think of many ways in which we could if banded together push for change but we rarely look at the means available to us within just a few states and their citizens working together. By the example of the map above look at the distribution of natural gas and petroleum within the United States. What would become of an embargo being enforced by only a handful of states where the rest of the country is concerned? Petroleum can be bought elsewhere but it has to be refined and distributed, natural gas can only be moved so far in so many ways without pipelines. With the push to shut down coal plants, the limits of alternative energy, and the impossibilities of ever building fusion reactors again we have backed ourselves into a corner with natural gas dependency. Its positives in production are that it’s plentiful, its downfall is that you cant stockpile or store enough of it to withstand or buffer a hit to supply.

Enter the subject of energy commodities and their effects on the dollar. One of the biggest enablers of our government is the central banks, the dollars printed off of the presses are the only means of buying to control, power, and influence that they do daily. But what becomes of that buying power if it can no longer buy something? Where I am not going to get into the complexities of market failures and the structures of externalities I will oversimplify the concept of the energy market where removing 70% + of it just with the US would completely wreak havoc worldwide. Not only would this create panic and insecurity in subjects like just keeping the lights on and freezers cold domestically, but it would inevitably make the buying power of the dollar nearly worthless overnight, and this is the hitch. I contend that the globalist wouldn’t mind in the least if we starved out the inner cities and killed millions in the process. I contend they would applaud that type of action while having something else to blame it on. However, the effects on their wallets is something else entirely.

Am I suggesting that a handful of states shut off gas distribution through their borders? Yes and no, but I am saying that if you were to put your finger on that button and simply ask the federal entities if they wanted to go rounds with you the response would be sobering on a worldwide level. It becomes a catch 22 situation that you can not get out of easily. Firing up the military in response would mean war on the civil level which would produce an even worse result. Your only chance would be in bargaining and that’s where we’re betting our money.

Either way, it’s going to take that type of threat and that type of situation to ever jog the minds of the power-hungry dealers of corruption. Not only would their control over that power be at risk but their personal riches are the only thing that would keep them in check. And hey, If we needed to shut the lights off for a while to make a point, I’m completely ok with showing the liberals what life without petroleum actually looks like. Taking the whole country on a long-term primitive camping trip to regain our personal liberties and rein in an out-of-control government isn’t a bad selling point where I am concerned.

Get Others Involved

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