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The government, if nothing else, is very predictable in its response to almost anything that comes along if you watch it for long enough. As our new commander is being “installed” today, as predicted and as expected, outcomes the Republican underdogs, to pacify and speak so boldly to us, in such tough-sounding words. Forgive me however if I fail to swoon for them.

Several weeks ago I wrote an article warning about the upcoming onslaught of what I describe as extraneous solutions, which is best described as a solution that is not actually a solution but another problem within its self. Like clockwork Texas, the state we need to stand up the most and do something meaningful was the first to get to the all-time classic of “secession” and still no answer from Representative Biedermann by the way. Today we again see Texas stepping up to the plate to tell us all about new lawsuits that will, like the majority of the others, amount to a drop in the ocean if they won them all.

From the Texas Tribune today…

Democrats are headed back to the White House, and Texas Republicans are gearing up to go back on offense.

For eight years under President Barack Obama, Texas was a conservative counterweight to a progressive administration, with its Republican leaders campaigning against liberal policies on immigration, the environment and health care and lobbing lawsuit after federal lawsuit challenging scores of Democratic initiatives. When Republicans could not block policies in Congress, they sometimes could in the courts.

Now, as Joe Biden enters the White House promising a slew of executive orders and proposed legislation, the notorious “Texas vs. the feds” lawsuits are expected to return in full force. And state leaders have begun to float policy proposals for this year’s legislative session in response to expected action — or inaction — from a White House run by Democrats.

Yes, those notorious Texas vs the Feds lawsuits and proposed legislation. Oh my, I am certain the Feds are just trembling in fear of that type of Jargon!!

Under Trump, Texas has often found itself aligned with the federal government in the courts. Most notably, the Trump administration lined up with a Texas-led coalition of red states seeking to end the Affordable Care Act. That case is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Once Biden enters the White House and his appointees lead everything from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Department of Homeland Security, Texas’ conservative leaders will return to a familiar posture: adversary, not ally, to those making national policy.

I would ask you to consider something, 8 years later, how well is this whole Obamacare thing is working out for us? And do you honestly think that with the Supreme Court we have in place all of this effort will suddenly come to an end? Or do you think the current holders of power in DC will just again run circles around these efforts? Not for nothing but, one issue, 8 years and still not done, only about 10,000 issues to address after. The earth will be swallowed by the sun before any court can undo what’s going to transpire in just the next month in DC.

Abbott said last week that as the Trump presidency ends, Texas “needs to go back to the fundamentals of the 10th Amendment and reassert that against any potential encroachments that we see under the Biden administration.”

“Reinforcing the 10th Amendment is essential now,” Abbott said Thursday at a conference hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Austin-based conservative think tank, referring to the amendment concerning states’ rights. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, he said, appreciated their limited role in governments — but “we had challenges with the president before that, Barack Obama,” Abbott added.

Without giving details, Abbott also floated the idea of making Texas “a Second Amendment sanctuary state” so that “no government official at any level can come and take your gun away from you.”

Governor Abbott hit every talking point I listed out in only a few breaths. Governor Abbott, dear sir, what we need from you is for you to take your great state and its control of over the petroleum production in the US and tell the corrupt intuitions to pound salt, or else. Otherwise, you are offering us an aspirin for stage 3 cancer.

This folks, is why we need all of us as Patriots writing, calling, and beating a drum in the ear of your state legislators every day, all day. It is also why we need to clearly state our intentions and desires to call for the exit of DC as a whole, and not accept anything lesser in return. These old tricks just cant be accepted anymore, we know the game, we understand the stakes, were sick and tired of both sides of it. Fight let hell or get out of the way!

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